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'Written in Tongues:
The Voynich Manuscript

After pondering and marvelling and wondering about the Voynich Manuscript for some time, and several days, I have developed a personal conviction about the document. Here is my theory. In all the universe, there is only 1 possible solution as to what this manuscript IS, and from whence it has originated. It is definitely NOT a Cypher, or a Code, or a Secret Message for initiates of some dark boys club of any sort whatsoever! The writing and illustrations in the Voynich Manuscript are as clear and open, and straightforward as any modern common human 'School Book' for children otherwise would be ~ because that is what the Voynich Manuscript IS! A child or youngster's SCHOOL BOOK!

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It might never be 'understood' by Human beings exactly what the writing and text says, in the Voynich. Because it is written in AN ANGELIC LANGUAGE. The Voynich Manuscript is a school book for NEPHILIM SCHOOL CHILDREN. It is a 15 th century copy of an ancient educational book that was used by the Nephilim to teach their half-human kids. Some miraculous copy from before the Great Flood survived into the early 1400's. It must have been in disastrous condition because it took a lot of work to REPLICATE it into the 'Voynich Manuscript.' It was 'recognized,' otherwise such effort and expense to replicate it would not have been spent.

speaking in tongues It appears to me to have a lot of GENETICAL scientific material, get a load of the ROYALLY BEDECALED SIGN POSTS beside each splash of genetic variations in plants and animals ~ note no known earthly plants or animals are illustrated. There are chapters about how the Fallen Angels screwed around with women, illustrations of the best way for the women to lie to get impregnated by Nephilims etc., and lots of pages about how to tinker around with the GENETIC codes of plants and animals.

There are monstrous foldout diagrams of CELESTIAL discussions and illustrations that remind me of the “SEERESS OF PREVOST.” Some of her Celestial diagrams and wheels seem similar to those in the Voynich. SHE had her own language too apparently! I am conjecturing that the private secret language of the “Seeress of Prevost” and the language in the “Voynich Manuscript” are one and the same language. It is a Supernatural language of Angelic Beings.

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On the down side, and as witnesses documented strange occult phenomena surrounding the “Seeress of Prevost” when she expulsed her visions, like dark shadowy presences of figures and etc., and also as I am postulating that the Voynich Manuscript is a “NEPHILIM SCHOOL BOOK” ~ we are probably not talking about “Heavenly” Angelic beings here. The Voynich Manuscript may therefore be an authentic copy of a document that was written by, and in the language of ~ THE FALLEN ANGELS!  ** to download a PDF version of this paper click here!

Wayne J. Paul
December 3rd, 2014

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